If you have missed OCCAM 2014, here is the chance to watch and listen to the videos taken from most of the talks.
We hope they will call your interest to OCCAM 2015 (6-8 May 2015) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Adams, Wendy Shape and gloss from shading, highlights & touch
Gjorgjieva, Julijana Optimal sensory coding by populations of ON and OFF neurons
Härtling, Joachim Introduction speech „public talk“ on 8 May
Lengyel, Máté On priors of ferret and men
Lochmann, Timm Probabilistic inference with spiking neuron models
Maass, Wolfgang The inherent stochastic dynamics of networks of spiking neurons provides a Probabilistic Inference Engine
Macke, Jakob H. Statistical methods for characterizing cortical population activity
Pawelzik, Klaus Yet another synaptic learning rule?
Petzschner, Frederike Probabilistic inference in magnitude estimation
Plöchl, Michael Cross-modal integration of coherent and incoherent audio-tactile cues in a 360° localization task
Röder, Brigitte Plasticity of multisensory functions: Spatial recalibration, emotional and motivational influences
Sahani, Maneesh Perceiving is believing – Bayesian inference in unexpected places
Singer, Wolf Cortical dynamics: As challenging as ever
Singer, Wolf In unserem Kopf geht es anders zu, als es uns scheint. – Das Gehirn, ein sich selbst organisierendes System
Toutounji, Hazem A geometric theory of plasticity for spatiotemporal computations in driven recurrent neural networks
Wilke, Melanie Networks underlying impaired spatial decision making
Wörgötter, Florentin Time scales of memory, learning and plasticity
Zoccolan, Davide A rodent model for the study of invariant visual object recognition


For the complete video presentation (offering different download options), please have a look at Lernfunk.de (the media portal of the University of Onabrück).